Keep safe!

Keep safe!
You are responsible for your own safety and that of your dog. The walks listed in this blog are not detailed guides. Plan your route! Click the landrover image for safety advice from Bowland Pennine MRT.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021


Wow. Time flies and it’s so long since I did a blog entry.  It’s nearly autumn but summer has been good. Working from home has continued in the main. The dog is still a great work companion. Work hours are much longer than they would have been if in the office regularly so it doesn’t mean he gets walked lots more, but he is happy with company.  We had a few trips beyond Fylde over the summer, Scorton, Beacon Fell and Longridge Fell, but in the main we’ve spent time round the lanes, Lytham Hall, the Prom and up to St Anne’s from Fairhaven.  

The dog got spooked by a boisterous young pup back in June and took flight (he was happily safe) so not so much off lead walking lately other than with the long line on the beach. Think he would have taken off again on beacon Fell had he not been on the lead as two cockers decided to gang up on him.  I’ve never really had to worry about a nervous dog running off before so it’s definitely changed our habits in the past few months. 

Still feeling so lucky to have such amazing places to walk close by. We’ve been to the pub again a couple of times which was hard work. Lunch in the garden is easier!  All in all it’s been a good summer and we are currently on another holiday at home with a dose of antibiotics for infected anal glands- lovely!  Hope we get back to Cornwall next year and everyone else goes abroad once more!

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Springtime walks and garden galore

Spring has arrived, with lighter evenings, warm sunshine and since Monday visits to gardens. It’s been a great few weeks!  A week off meant lots of morning walks on the beach followed by digging borders in the garden. The dog had a ball!  This week has been amazing, with a few friends and family in the garden at various times, a couple of trips to see others close by, and best of all playing with his ‘new’ cousins and the twins. Life has been tiring being a springer spaniel this week!

As always, Easter is generally for staying local. A far cry from the worry of last year when I wasn’t sure whether off lead walks would be a thing of the past!

We seem to have pretty much cracked visitors and the boys now. No worries provided they play with him and don’t try to play football without him! Birds are a bit of a nightmare at times, but at times rather than all the time! 

Running ended with an injured knee in early March. Hopefully one day we’ll be back to it.  Until then, we will continue to love our walks. 

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Lockdown 3 - More of the same

Here we are in February.  Lockdown 3 continues.  No chance of a huge amount of excitement these days but we have enjoyed walks down the Lane and a few trips to the Green or the beach for a run off lead.  We’ve had plenty of ice and a little snow over the past few weeks, but nothing like we’d have found on the moors.  Walking in heavy snow on the beach at Lytham made a change though. Couch25k continues and the dog is making a good running companion. Of course it means we are going a bit further than we would a few times a week, so despite lockdown plenty of exercise.  Can’t wait for warmer weather though and to be able to sit in the garden. 

Like plenty of other dogs he is enjoying work, lying quietly through daily Teams calls.  A year ago I’d not have imagined it.  I don’t suppose we will see normality this year, but maybe some walks with family by Easter.  In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy what we have around us.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Beaches, lanes and lockdown 3

 So, we’ve made it to January!  December was pretty good in terms of walks.  Lots of weekend trips to the beach at St Annes which was great, and a few evening walks along the Green at Lytham.  Christmas wasn’t quite the Christmas we’d planned, with just the three of us and Zoom calls on Christmas Day.  It was lovely to get on the beach on Christmas morning though, with the weather being particularly kind.  January was always going to be difficult, we knew that with so many mixing on Christmas Day, but lockdown 3 came quickly as we started a week off work.  It was back to the lanes nearby for walks this week, nice but not as nice as a run on the beach.  There’s been plenty of social media debate about driving for exercise, and I would if I or the dog needed it, but the general guidance is to stay local to your village, town or part of your city.  For us that’s meant the lanes for the past few days. The dog has enjoyed himself though, with a good long walk every day and week 1 of couch to 5k thrown in along the way, and a bit of snow and ice.  He’s a very athletic dog and will make a good running companion over the coming weeks, particularly as there’s nowhere great to let him off lead on the doorstep   

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Autumn in Warton

 Can’t quite believe it’s December. Where did this year go?  Where did autumn go?  Marley has had a good time I think. Beach most weekends, or Lytham Green and Fairhaven. Lytham Green has proved a great place for an evening walk with enough light to see, and views across the Ribble. Sometimes we’ve been faced with a red glow in the sky towards Tarleton, which turned out to be lights reflecting on the misty sky from the make the tomatoes grow apparently. Yesterday we had a relatively big trip out back to Worden Park, which was lovely but mucky. Of course we’ve not seen too many people during lockdown 2 (which was nothing like lockdown 1) other than numerous delivery people and passers by. Given that, he’s better out and about on the beach. I am wary of, rather than dread, runners. Today I gave him a bit of a test out with 2 young lads who looked like they’d cope if he jumped at them. Whilst he ran right to them he didn’t jump, before running back to me. Seconds later he was off after them again but turned back before he reached them. I call that success!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

14 years of blogging

 When the clocks go back it’s a happy and sad time. I remember my walk in 2006 with Finney at Malham so well, and also our walk 10 years later.   He was the best dog anyone could wish for!  Marley, now nearly two and a half, slept in a little later, but we were still up early and out on the beach at 8.  We had a lovely walk from St Anne’s to Star Gate, which has become our usual Sunday morning walk.  We still don’t travel far. I feel so lucky to be able to walk down country lanes from home, or along Lytham Green before or after work if I choose. We are still working from home and although they are long days, Marley has settled well and most of the time my fellow Skype and Zoomers wouldn’t know he was there. 

The only real change to our routine has been a new path, not far away, down a farm track to fields.  A nice walk albeit quite short.  We’ve also had a week off in September, a stay at home vacation again, but nice all the same and we ventured to the beer garden of our local pub for the first time since lockdown.

Restrictions mean we don’t see that many people face to face  so it’s nice to say the odd socially distanced hello out on our walks.  Hope next year life is more normal, but couldn’t wish to have a more lovely dog to spend my days with.  

Sunday, August 30, 2020

A stay local summer

 Nearly September. What a year so far. July and August have been good. We’ve had a couple of lovely trips to see mum and family in Derbyshire. Mostly though we’ve been for walks locally, down the lane, on Lytham Green, Fairhaven and St Annes Beach.  It’s been great, especially the beach. 

I’ve ditched the harness some of the time lately. He walks better without and has been trying to shake it off a bit. We’ve done plenty of training in the past few weeks. At a distance of 15 feet or so he is coping better with bikes and runners. Didn’t help today though when some idiot decided distance was no object as he ran past about 2 feet away. Should have given Marley 6 ft of lead!  Bikes are a bit better too. If we keep up the rewards on the Granny’s Bay path I think next year might be the year we crack it :).  Birds are generally much less of an issue - did I really say that?


Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Lytham, Witch Wood, Fairhaven and the Green

Marley is a little under the weather at the moment, just a bug I suspect, but we’ve had some lovely walks on the beach and on Lytham Green over the past few weeks.  Still working from home, he’s happy as can be, sleeping well (giving up on him sleeping downstairs has been the key to good sleep since we left Pemwortham) and now the turf in the garden has taken root he’s a great space to roam in.

Last weekend we walked from Lyrham, through Witch Wood to Fairhaven and back along the front.  It was a lovely walk, and our first woodland footpath since lockdown.  Social distancing on the path through the woods wasn’t too hard, with plenty of ‘passing places’.  Marley enjoyed a good sniff round, on lead.  Fairhaven is starting to look great, with new sea defences along Granny’s Bay, all stepped so you can sit and watch the world go by.  The new path back to Lytham Green was equally lovely, with the tide in to to the wall and a strong breeze making it very invigorating.

It’s a long long time since we walked through Witch Wood, on Boxing Day I think many years ago when Finney was a pup. I didn’t really remember it but think the fencing to the railway tracks is much improved. Definitely a walk we’ll do again.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

New home at last and adapting to new normal

It doesn’t feel like a month since I last posted. We moved in to our new home in Warton two weeks ago. Things are gradually returning to something that feels more normal, but still far from normal of course.  The mood of the nation has certainly changed in recent weeks.  Black Lives Matters rather than Covid dominates the news. The roads are busier.  Clap for The NHS and Key Workers has stopped. Schools are starting to take more pupils. More people are back to work, but of course many still furloughed.

From our perspective the past 3 weeks have seen huge changes. We worked at the ‘new’ house for a week before we moved in, to help us and Marley adjust really and to test out the 4g broadband. It meant a good transition from Marley’s point of view, so moving day was no big deal, other than he didn’t get to see his uncle Adam and auntie Linda that night.  Over the past few weeks we’ve still been working from home. Marley has been fantastic. Most of the time I forget now he’s in the room when I’m in Skype calls. He just chills out.

In the past few week we’ve been down to the beach at St Anne’s a few times. First time was a bit tense given he’d not been off lead for months. The long line was great as a confidence builder. Today it stayed in the car during our morning walk on the beach. No problems, he was just great.

Today was Denise’s birthday so a day of socially distanced visitors. Again, he was pretty good. The twins were here this morning which inevitably drove him wild, but provided he got a cuddle he was happy.  The sky engineer was a different matter. She had lots of tools dangling from her belt which was all a bit much!  Linda, Adam, Jack and our old neighbours Jo and the girls popped round in the garden too, at different times, so it was by far the most people he’s seen in a long while.

We are loving the new home. Our local walk is lovely, with cows, sheep, hares and wildlife all around. Lytham Green is under 10 minutes. The beach about 20 minutes tops.

Started a week of holiday at home yesterday, our first break since Christmas, so feeling very lucky.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Easing lockdown

How could any of us have imagined what this year would bring?  Thankfully our family and close friends remain well, but hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones.  As Northern Italy went in to lockdown earlier this year if used Instagram to try to get a glimpse of what life was like.  I remember thinking that it didn’t tell me much, as photos were generally filled with meals and pictures of quiet countryside.  I get that now.  Most of the past 8 weeks has been filled with food, work from home and one walk a day.  Dog training has been lost from our weekend routine,  Marley has not been off the lead outside of the garden; how do you Social distance when your over enthusiastic dog runs up to a complete stranger?  Greetings with other dogs are few and far between, and only on long leads. We’ve been lucky though to be in good health and have a lovely place to walk from our doorstep.

We’ve stil not moved in to the new house, but removals happen this week. Won’t be long before Marley has the run of his new garden and a few new local walks.  The last week has been so much better with two walks a day, but although we’re allowed we’ve not driven anywhere for exercise.  Maybe next week.

The video highlight of the past 8 weeks has to be a sponsored training session for the Lancashire Covid-19 Support Fund.