Keep safe!

Keep safe!
You are responsible for your own safety and that of your dog. The walks listed in this blog are not detailed guides. Plan your route! Click the landrover image for safety advice from Bowland Pennine MRT.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A walk in the dark

Hi there to "Springermum" who left a post in the guest book asking if we knew of any good evening walks now that the dark nights are upon us. Unfortunately we've not got much to recommend and don't suggest you follow the example of some others by wandering around the local park with a torch!

Most of our evening walking sees us treading the same dull path up and down local roads and possibly a spell wrecking the grass in the garden, longing for the weekend when we can have a really good trip out. On the plus side, the mornings are a little lighter for now at least, so there's the possibility of an off lead run before work. We're also lucky to have Chris or Martin, our wonderful dog walkers from Home Comfort Pets, to get the dog out in daylight if we're at work.

The only half decent local walk in the dark I'd recommend is around Preston docks. It's reasonably interesting, generally traffic free (although we keep the dog on the lead), well lit and provided you don't leave it too late, popular with other people out for a stroll or a jog. You can even combine with a trip to Pets at Home! If you go a little further afield, Lytham Green and the Prom is nice and well lit too.

Almost goes without saying but keep to well lit areas that you know and make sure you and your dog can be seen. There's plenty of reflective gear, or "flashing" accessories to make sure you do.

Let us know if you find anywhere better!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Formby Point to Lifeboat Road

After the downpours of the past 24 hours the thought of waterlogged fields and muddy dogs was too much to bear, so it was off to Formby for a lovely 3 mile wander along the beach, dunes and woods.

After an eventful journey through flooded streets at Croston, where the normally sedate River Yarrow was close to bursting point, our walk began at the National Trust car park at Formby Point. Having crossed the dunes to a windswept beach we found the tide was on the way out this morning and the compact sand was a pleasure to walk on, with the added bonus of being geat for ball obsessed dogs. We headed south, towards Lifeboat Road, passing plenty of other dogs en route, including a similarly playful English Springer.

After a mile or so we reached the high marker post and lifeboat Road. We headed inland, over the dunes, to the car park and followed the wheelchair accessible trail which was clearly signposted to Victoria Road. Passing through old asparagus fields provided a chance for another game of fetch before we wandered through the woodland paths back towards the National Trust car park. The final stretch through the woods was "on lead" to ensure that the inquisitive dog didn't distress any red squirrels although unfortunately there were none to be seen following the recent and ongoing outbreak of Squirrel Pox.

Tired but content we reached the car and headed for home. Passing more flooding at Moss Side and New Longton we were thankful that the rain has at least passed for now, and grateful that waterlogged fields and muddy dogs were all we had to worry about this morning.

Click here for information about the National Trust at Formby Point

Doggy rating 9/10

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Worden Park, Leyland (Revisited)

Last time we were at Worden Park, it was to see Billy Smart's Circus. Scared by the memories of being dragged in to the circus ring by resident clown, Chico Rico, Dogs Dad hasn't dared set foot in the place since!

Today's visit was far more gentile, for me at least, with a chance to catch the autumn sunshine whilst the dog spent a good hour chasing back and forth after a ball we'd just bought.

Worden Park remains a great place to visit. From the main car park there are two large fields on either side, the one to the left being particularly good for a game of fetch. Once you've tired of playing, you can stroll past the miniature railways to the craft centre and coffee shop, alongside the riverside paths, or just take in a circuit of the huge open fields. In the sunshine, the park is full of other dog walkers, families and footballers, so just make sure you respect each other's space.

The recent rain has left the fields rather waterlogged and muddy but help is at hand when you return to the car park if you seek out the purpose built dog wash, complete with shower hose to wash off nature's worst. Fortunately, Chico Rico was nowhere to be seen.

Click on the South Ribble Borough Council Website for more information about Worden Park

Doggy rating 8/10