Keep safe!

Keep safe!
You are responsible for your own safety and that of your dog. The walks listed in this blog are not detailed guides. Plan your route! Click the landrover image for safety advice from Bowland Pennine MRT.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Dogs are not permitted on this beach between 1st May and 31st October.....Ive no problem at all with that in most cases but love it when the dog bans are lifted and we can avoid the worst of the mud associated with our normal walks.

This weekend has seen us make two trips to the Lancashire coast. On Saturday we returned to the wonderful Formby Point. Parking at the Nation Trust Car Park we followed the well marked path through the woods and dunes to Life Boat Road and returned along the beach. My mum, who had joined us for the weekend, commented that the woods and dunes have a continental feel to them, reminiscent of the South of France. Although the weather wasn't up to Mediterranean standards, I have to agree that the landscape is totally unlike anywhere else in the North West. As always, the dog loved the trip. Unfortunately the Red Squirrels seem a rare sight these days but nonetheless please observe the dogs on leads policy through the woodlands.

A day off today, and some more sunny weather, resulted in a trip to Cleveleys. Parking up at the 5 bar gate car park, north of the town centre, we were straight on to the beach and enjoyed a brisk cold walk towards Bispham. After a mile or so we retraced our steps and had a wander through Cleveleys before buying a sandwich which was saved for the relative warmth of the car. As always the views across the bay were great, with the snow capped Coniston fells gleaming in the sunlight. The sea defence works are progressing well and the Royal Hotel to Cleveleys stretch is complete. I can envisage hundreds of people sitting on the wall enjoying fish and chips on the sea wall in summer - no wonder there's a dogs on leads policy on the prom. We uploaded a picture to Facebook here

Unfortunately it's back to work tomorrow, otherwise a trip to Silverdale and Arnside would have rounded things off nicely!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crosby and Anthony Gormley's Another Place

It was raining (again) in Preston this morning. The thought of Worden Park with it's great dog wash was tempting but heading towards Leyland we spotted what appeared to be a break in the dark clouds in the skies to the south. Excited by the prospect of not getting wet we joined the M6 and were soon speeding southwards towards rays of sunshine, deciding whether to take a visit to Pennington Flash or "somewhere else".

As we reached the M58 "somewhere else" won the day and we headed off towards Liverpool, still not quite sure where we'd end up, but with the thought of a trip to Crosby and a look at Anthony Gormley's Another Place seeming attractive.

Om entering Crosby the car park was well signposted and we were pleased to find masses of open grassland adjacent to the Marine Lake where we enjoyed a good game of fetch before heading over the dunes to the beach.

From Preston Walkies

The beach itself is vast and, with the tide retreating, we wandered out to some of the many figures gazing out to sea. The dog wasn't too sure what to make of them at first, but was soon interested in nothing other than his ball, as is usual. Even the passing ships leaving the Mersey on their way to yet another place were no distraction.

We spent an hour or so on the beach before returning to the fields for more ball games. Best of all, the sun shone pretty much throughout!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rufford to Mawdsley

It feels like we've had more than our fair share of rain over the past few weeks but inbetween downpours we have managed to venture out on a few new walks, finding new paths around the lovely Beacon Fell (nice and quiet again after a busy summer) and exploring the vast network of footpaths around Rufford.

Navigating some of our walks is complicated and, given this blog never really attempts to be a step by step guide, it sometimes doesn't seem worth blogging our visits. Sometimes though, just giving a feel for the route and the general area might give others some inspiration to find their own way through new territory.

The walk from Rufford to Mawdelsey, returning along the Rufford branch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal is one such route. The walk takes in plenty of open farmland, some country lanes and, best of a all, a few miles of towpath walking before ending up near the marina at Rufford, where you can reward yourself with coffee and cake.

Our route began at the station car park at Rufford. We turned right from the car park and endured a rather risky 100 yards or so of walking along Meadow Lane before crossing and taking the public footpath through the fields. We were soon on more open ground, high on the one of the paths that run adjacent to the drains, where the dog enjoyed a brief spell off the lead. Reaching Gales Lane we made our way, taking a complicated network of footpaths, towards Church Farm Stables and Cedar Farm Gallery before heading towards the Rufford Canal via Sandy Lane and Daub Lane before crossing more fields and crossing the river Douglas.

A mile or two of towpath walking led us back to the car, rather tired by happy. Two word of advice if you walk round here: Take a good map or download one of the excellent route planners from walkingworld

Click here for a Google map of the area