Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Roddlesworth Woods and Jubilee (Darwen) Tower

Another visit to Roddlesworth, a great place to visit with your dog. See earlier posts for the woods and water walks. The route up to the tower is very very steep and rough in parts. No stiles but lots of sheep.

Yesterdays walk began at Slipper Lowe car park. There was some kind of dog club meet in the car park - a "jumping" fence was set up and a few people were practicing stays and recalls. Strange place to practice - not quite like Gregson Lane dog club! If anyone knows which club meets in the car parks of Roddlesworth feel free to comment!

We had an hour to two wandering through the various woodland trails, including the ruins of Hollinswood Hall. Great fun! Once the cloud had lifted we headed for the visitor centre car park (where the cafe is) and up the signposted bridleway to the Jubilee Tower or Darwen Tower as I've always know it. The route up is clearly marked but very steep in parts. Signs warn you to keep your dog on a lead as the sheep are heavily pregnant.

The top gives fantastic views - we could see Blackburn close by, Preston in the distance (Deepdale always stands out), and in the far Distance, Blackpool Tower.
it was though a bit too windy to stay for long so we retraced our steps, turning left along an access land footpath once we came out of the tree lined path. This led through a farmyard and back to the road where a short walk along the woodland edge took us back to the car park.

Roddlesworth is a great place to vist. Check out previous posts for map and links.

Doggy rating 8/10

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