Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rowsley and Bouns Corner (Derbyshire)

Another trip to Derbyshire (1 hour 45 mins from Preston) and another good walk from Peak Village once you've grabbed your bargains! This is a walk mainly on good bridleways which will take about an hour. It is steep in parts. Most of the walk can be done off lead.

Start at Peak Village and walk through the Grouse and Claret car park to Church Lane. Follow Church Lane to its end where it turns in to a bridleway leading up past the woods of Bouns Corner. From the highest point of the track you can glimpse a view of Bakewell and there are great views across the Wye Valley to Stanton and back over Rowsley and beyond.

Keep following the track and turn left as you come our of the woods of Aaron Hole Plantation (the track is Park Lane but don't be worried of meeting any significant traffic round here - you'll see what I mean. Follow the track back down in to the valley and walk along the road (not very pleasant) for a short stretch back in to Rowsley.

Unfortunately you can't cross the fields to walk by the Wye itself. This forms part of the Haddon Estate fly fishery and access is restricted to fly fishermen. Day tickets (about £30 a day) are available from the Peakcock Hotel in Rowlsey. If you like your fly fishing I'd recommend it. I had a day on the river in the autumn and it was fantastic.

All in all a good walk and lots of off-lead opportunities. A simpler option than the Rowlsey Woods and Water listed earlier in this blog and could be extended on to Bakewell or over the tops to Chatsworth.

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Doggy rating 7/10

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