Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wycoller - Weaving (and muddy) ways

With fireworks and the recent wet weather behind us we took advantage of the Sunday sunshine for a walk near the pretty village of Wycoller, in East Lancashire.

From the visitors car park we headed along the footpath towards the village. Where the path joined the road we went right, over a small stile, and through fields and more stiles. En route we suffered a mile or so of thick mud before emerging, wet and covered in muck, at Higher Stunstead. Wondering why anyone would find pleasure from this route we followed a better farm road to New Laith. Unfortunately the optimism didn't last long and making our way through the farm buildings we were dismayed and, with hindsight, strangely surprised to find more mud and stiles marking our route to the aptly named Mean Moss.

Fortunately the walk became more pleasant as we headed away from Trawden and joined the Pendle Way, following a lovely wild path over the moors and down beside a rugged stream back towards Wycoller. The dog was happy to wash off the worst of the mud by paddling in the icy waters before we followed an idyllic woodland and waterside track to Wycoller and the car park. The round trip was a little over 5 miles. There was little opportunity for off lead walking as livestock were roaming free most of the way.

No one in their right mind should attempt the first part of this walk before next summer, unless the ground is frozen. A better option would be to walk from the car park and through the village, following the stream and the Pendle way towards Beaver. There are a few places for a game of fetch or a paddle on the way, and if you return the same way you'll remain relatively mud free.

If you really want to try this walk you can find the full route on the excellent Nature Valley website. Leave it until next summer though!

Information on Wycoller can be found on the Lancashire County Council website. We'll return one day for a more sedate stroll through the Country Park.

Doggy rating 5/10

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