Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Nick of Pendle and Pendle Hill (Nearly)

Last time we visited Pendle Hill the dog was a mere puppy. On that day, we spent a few hours taking in Churn Clough Reservoir before rising in to the mists on Spence Moor. Not wishing to put the dog off walking for life we then retreated back to the car, leaving me disappointed that I'd not experienced the summit of one of Lancashire's greatest landmarks.

For some reason (perhaps brought on by the excesses of a BBQ yesterday afternoon) we set off earlier this afternoon to claim the summit. Not deterred by the rain clouds overhead we set off from the Nick of Pendle on a good path towards Deerstones and Spence Moor, and soon found ourselves in lovely sunshine. Several 6 foot stiles en-route would have proved a challenge for any large dogs but the top of Spence Moor gave some great views back towards Preston, with Blackpool Tower just visible in the distance.

We took a rough and direct route along the edge of Ogden Clough before joining the main path which leads alongside the stream not far below the summit. Here, the dog had the chance of a paddle and a drink, which proved a distraction from the biscuits that I had retrieved from the rucksack.

Gaining more height to a spot wich couldn't have been more than 5 minutes from the top, we were once gain able to look back towards Preston, where dark storm clouds were making their way slowly over the flat landscape. Trying to figure out whether the storm was heading in our direction, we sat a while before deciding that time was against us, and that the thought of being caught out on the summit in a thunderstorm wasn't an experience we wanted!

The walk back to the car was a quick one, taking about 40 minutes. The clouds had circled to the North of us so we could have made it, but there's always another day.

Overall, a good walk with fine views. Sheep frequent the fellsides so the dog was on the lead throughout the walk. That said, he seemed to enjoy it and is now flat out asleep, oblivious to Federer's match winning point in the Wimbledon final.

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This walk is on high fells. Go prepared!
Doggy rating 6/10

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