Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crosby and Anthony Gormley's Another Place

It was raining (again) in Preston this morning. The thought of Worden Park with it's great dog wash was tempting but heading towards Leyland we spotted what appeared to be a break in the dark clouds in the skies to the south. Excited by the prospect of not getting wet we joined the M6 and were soon speeding southwards towards rays of sunshine, deciding whether to take a visit to Pennington Flash or "somewhere else".

As we reached the M58 "somewhere else" won the day and we headed off towards Liverpool, still not quite sure where we'd end up, but with the thought of a trip to Crosby and a look at Anthony Gormley's Another Place seeming attractive.

Om entering Crosby the car park was well signposted and we were pleased to find masses of open grassland adjacent to the Marine Lake where we enjoyed a good game of fetch before heading over the dunes to the beach.

From Preston Walkies

The beach itself is vast and, with the tide retreating, we wandered out to some of the many figures gazing out to sea. The dog wasn't too sure what to make of them at first, but was soon interested in nothing other than his ball, as is usual. Even the passing ships leaving the Mersey on their way to yet another place were no distraction.

We spent an hour or so on the beach before returning to the fields for more ball games. Best of all, the sun shone pretty much throughout!

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