Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't Cook Your Dog

Ok, so we're not having the best of summers, and on a wet and miserable day like today it's easy to forget that temperatures can soar in the UK. All the more reason then to remind ourselves of a new campaign entitled, simply, 'Don't Cook Your Dog'. I can't imagine there is any dog owner that doesn't know that dogs die in hot cars. Why is it then that every year dogs are left and dogs die? Perhaps it's because people think 'it's only for 10 minutes', 'it's not that hot', 'the windows are down' or even 'it's cloudy at the moment'. Remember then that it only takes 10 minutes, even with the windows down, for temperatures to rise high enough in your car to cook your dog. Remember too that with our changeable weather, it can go from cloudy to sunny in 5 minutes. Most of all, remember your dog is more than likely your best friend and you'd never do anything to put him at risk.

2 comments: said...

Great article, it's always sad to see a dog in a car with little ventilation. It would have been good if the article contained a telephone number of who to call if you ever see a dog in distress? Thanks, David.

Dave said...

Good point. RSPCA advice is to dial 999. There's loads of information and advice on the web link above. Dogs Today and Beverley Cuddy have done a great job in terms of highlighting this issue in a fresh way