Keep safe!

Keep safe!
You are responsible for your own safety and that of your dog. The walks listed in this blog are not detailed guides. Plan your route! Click the landrover image for safety advice from Bowland Pennine MRT.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

More snow on Darwen Moor

One of today's better decisions was to not go out early, despite being awake at 5.30am. Much of the morning was spent listening to the rattle of hail and sleet against the windows before finally, sunshine and blue sky emerged from the grey.

There was no great thought needed to decide where to go today. A simple repeat of yesterday's walk on Darwen Moor and Roddlesworth. The only difference being that we began with the woods, there was even more snow and of course that we weren't caught in a blizzard.

Another good day!

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