Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2 weeks after cruciate surgery

Two weeks gone and all is going well.  We went to our local vets today for the stitches to be removed.  The wound is healing well, just a little fluid near the top of the stitching so it's a bit puffy. No need for any antibiotics though and touch wood that will be our last visit to the vets before the 4 week checkup back at Rutland Referrals.

Recovery appears to be going well. He walks with hardly any limp and is completely weight bearing on his leg. It also looks far stronger now and I worry slightly less when we are out on our short lead walks.

The comfy cone is still on when unsupervised. We learned last time round that taking it off as soon as the stitches were out wasn't a good idea. We will be more cautious this time.

The only issue we have is a very spoiled dog who is so used to company after being with one of us forgetting much 24/7 for the past month.  Today we were both back at work, so he was alone for 3 hours or so. The pet cam showed at least an hour of barking and whining before he settled down.  Hopefully he will soon get used to being on his own a bit!

Hopefully there will be little more to post before our next milestone at 4 weeks post op. So far it seems much easier than last time. Hope it stays that way.

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