Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A simple walk from Croston

This is a pleasant walk from Croston on mainly good footpaths and lanes including the recently landscaped Ulnes Walton Landfill site (don't be put off). There is about a quarter of a mile of fairly unpleasant road walking to finish and the route crosses quite a few stiles and a railway crossing. Allow an hour and a half.

We started our walk from the centre of Croston at the free car park on Out Lane. Follow the lane out of Croston past the school and along a pleasant footpath to Moor Road. Cross Moor Road carefully and turn right to Ridley Lane. Follow the lane past the farms (where we met another lovely looking ESS called Meg) until you reach the entrance to the recently re-landscaped landfill site. Don't be put off by this, it looks quite pleasant and cattle graze happily. There are though a lot of strange looking pipes protruding from the ground.

At the entrace to the old landfill site you'll see a stile and footpath to the left. Take this and immediately cross another stile on to the rubble road bordered by young trees. This is a good spot to let your dog run free. Follow the track to its end and take the gate on the LEFT (don't head for the railway crossing to your right - it's not a footpath and there's a locked gate on the other side of the tracks) and walk alongside a ditch to another stile and a railway crossing. Carefully cross the tracks and head along another footpath to a bridge over the river. (There were loads of young steers in this field who took a real shine to the dog - it wasn't a mutual feeling!) Turn left and follow the river back to Bretherton Road leading back in to Croston.

If you want a plesant extension follow the river Lostock upstream from Ridley lane for a while and try feeding the occasional large chub with your doggy treats!

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Doggy rating 6/10


Anonymous said...

this is quite a nice little walk, and i thought your comment " There are though a lot of strange looking pipes protruding from the ground."a bit on the negative towords the landfill, i know these are the wells that are used to extract the methane from the landfill,coverted into electricity, then exported into the national grid,renewable energy is a step forword and greener. mybe high lite this as a point of intrest for the landfill, there is loads of wild life on this walk,and many poto opp's :)

Dave said...

I wasn't meaning to be negative, I agree it's a nice walk with plenty to look at. Didn't know the link between the pipes and national grid existed so I've learnt something new!