Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wilderswood and Winter Hill

Another route up Winter Hill, this time from Wilderswood, Horwich. Lots of very rough open moorland with sheep around. Not a walk for bad weather. Boots with good ankle support essential!

We parked at the small car park next to Wilderswood. You're already quite high up here so the climb itself isn't very tough. The woods themselves were close when we visited yesterday for forestry work but I'd imagine they'd make a lovely start to the walk. We wandered up the rough road to a clearly marked footpath leading off up on the right towards Winter Hill. Be aware the rough road does take some traffic so keep your dog on the lead!

We took a fairly direct route to the main mast site at the top of Winter Hill but you could walk up to the "road" leading to the top and follow this. There is a footpath of sorts but it isn't particularly clear in places. Provided the weather is good just head for the top. If there's any hint of the weather turning make sure you've taken a bearing!

The views from the top are great and given it's such a landmark it's well worth a trip up.

Allow a couple of hours.

Click here for Google Map.

Doggy rating 6/10 because the woods were shut and there were lots of sheep around. Not as nice as the walk up from Rivington but very much easier!

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