Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

St Sundays Crag and Fairfield (Cumbria)

Week two of building work, the house is still a tip, the dog is no longer stressed about the comings and goings but who needs an excuse for a days escape.

Yesterday saw a return to the high fells of Lakeland and another hike with the dog, rather than a dog walk, if you know what I mean. We parked up at Patterdale and followed the steep path up Thornhow End, Birks and up to St Sundays Crag. The going was steep but relatively easy for the most part but there were plenty of sheep around so that, together with the craggy nature of the area, meant the dog was on the flexi-lead throughout.

We decended to Deepdale Hause and then up the steep rocky slopes to the summit of Fairfield. Unfortunately for us, the some terrible weather moved in within the space of 5 minutes and we were subjected to battering winds, mist, rain, hail and sleet - the dog was most unimpressed!

Needless to say, we didn't dwell too long on the summit and carried on round to Hart Crag, and better weather, before descending the steep path to Hartsop Above How. This descent was quite a slow stretch and we'd have struggled without the flexibility of the flexi lead to enable us both to work our way down the hillside in turn.

The path flattened out for an easy descent to Deepdale Bridge and Patterdale. The dog was able to run off the lead for a good stetch here, with no sheep around until the lower slopes.

This was probably the dogs toughest walk to date, about 10 miles of hard going. Hoefully he'll remian tired for the rest of the week!

Doggy rating 5/10 (because of the descent from Hart Crag)

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