Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Redmonds Edge and Great Hill

The Google map and satellite image for todays walk is pretty freatureless, but the walk up to Redmonds Edge and along to Great Hill from the United Utilities Car Park just off Belmont Road, near to Conyries Plantation, is anything but. There are views galore and, to keep the dog entertained, mud glorious mud!

From the car park we crossed Belmont Road and followed the signed footpath up across the open moorland. As the path began to skirt round to the right, a very muddy looking path led to the left, directly up the hillside to join Redmond's Edge. Even the dog looked uncomfortable at times, trying to avoid the worst of the pools of smelly mud which were, as I found out, deep enough to fill ankle high hiking boots.

Finally, our endurance came to an end and we joined a paved track leading across the edge to the signpost at the top of Great Hill. I stopped to admire the views across huge tracts of Lancashire whilst the dog eyed up some walkers enjoying their lunch. We the headed down another muddy path to Belmont Road. From here, the best option is a scenic return to the car park through Hollinswood Hall and the Plantation but we had a quick hike along the road to our starting point.

There were a couple of stiles along the route but the dog was able to pass through adjacent "doggy gates". There were one or two sheep around on the moors, so the dog was on the lead for a lot of the route, but in those areas where we had a good clear view around us, he enjoyed a run and some good games of "fetch".

We completed the route of around 3 miles in a couple of hours.

Doggy rating 6/10.

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