Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another visit to Beacon Fell

It's a long time since our last visit to Beacon Fell, near Longridge, so it was good to catch some of this morning's sunshine whilst wandering up to the trig point that marks the summit and even better to find we had the felltop to ourselves.

Beacon Fell has plenty to offer in the way of easy access tramper trails which circle the fell as well as paths through dense woodland. Our route followed the "long" tramper trail with a diversion to the summit and along a few of the smaller woodland tracks but you can take your pick of a number of waymarked routes or just wander at your leisure with little risk of getting lost.

On the down side, there's not much in the way of open grassland for a good game of fetch and given nesting birds in the heather topped moorland near the summit you need to keep your dog under close control. I recall that last time we visited there were sheep grazing the fellside but the felltop fencing has been taken down and the only sign of past livestock are the occasional cattle grids that mark where gates through the fencing used to be.

The dog had a whale of time sniffing every tree trunk and tuft of grass. His only cause for concern was coming face to face with an allegator lying in wait by the tramper trail. I don't think he was ever convinced it was just a lifesize wood sculphture.

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