Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A longer walk up Parbold Hill and through Fairy Glen

It's nice when people comment after trying some of the routes suggested, or suggest new walks for us to try. Thanks go to Geoff and his terror of a terrier for this route round Fairy Glen and Parbold Hill. It's a bit longer than the route we took earlier in the year, but takes in a stretch of the canal. Sounds lovely!

From the middle of the lay-by almost across from Fairy Glen cross the stile and head up the field then left along the top of the field to woodland. Follow the obvious path until the conifer plantation bends away then go right, up the hill under power lines. Once you reach the tarmac track go left and then left again down an earth track. This soon joins a small clough and is full of bluebells in spring. The path through the woodland soon joins the A5209 where you go left for 100 yards before crossing a stile on the other side of the road and proceed down the field to a stile in the right hand corner. A few paces to the right and a lane is found which leads to the railway and eventually the canal. Cross the bridge and take a small detour through the hamlet to view the site of an old chapel before retracing your steps and continuing east along the canal towpath. Follow this until you reach bridge 40 then cross this and head up the lane then turn right in front of 2 houses and follow across fields in a straight line before entering Fairy Glen. The path from here heads up the Glen before join the A5209.

Total distance is 4 miles and is a very pleasant and fairly easy walk.


Anonymous said...

I love this site!! Since moving to the North West it has been so useful for me and my dogs. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

On a less happy note I would just like to draw your attention to the proposed dog control orders that Fylde Council are trying to bring in - they will effectively make it compulsory to keep your dog on the lead through most of St Annes seafront and dunes and Lytham Green. As a responsible dog owner I would welcome any measure to reduce the fouling problem which the inconsiderate minority have created, but don't think this is the solution. Here is a link to the website where you can make your opinions known (by May 3rd). I would be really grateful if you could post this on your blog to let other local dog walkers know. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Forgot the link - must be old age!!

Dogs Dad said...

Thanks for this. It's interesting. It looks from the maps as if the shoreline itself is still accessible as well as the beach areas between South Shore and the pier which is good news as that's one of our favourite places to walk off lead. It looks as if the sites in St Annes on the seafront are places where they are adjacent to the road, like the Green, so I'd not have my dog off lead there anyway. I don't mean that to be taken to mean that I fully agree with all the orders as, for example, parts of the Fairhaven Lake area are places where I'd consider having the dog off lead, but perhaps in any feedback to FBC it would be worth commenters being very specific about which areas they object to and why, particularly highlighting those where there is no local alternative for off-lead exercise. Perhaps then at least some parts of the proposed areas might be exempted.