Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Saturday, November 05, 2011

A day out on the Llyn Peninsula

Day two of our weekend near Pistyll started early. Perhaps the dog could smell the sea, only a stones throw away from our cottage, or maybe he was just hungry. Either way, we were off down to the rocky beach just after dawn where we once again struggled over the large stones before pausing for a game of fetch by a stream that had ended its short but lively cascade down the hillside.

After a breakfast of bacon and halloumi we decided to take a drive round the Peninsula, stopping first at Abersoch. We were pleasantly surprised to see a fair number of shops which remained open out of season, and wandered down to the beach where the dog enjoyed another good run. The mountains of Snowdonia provided an impressive backdrop.

Next stop was the small village of Aberdaron, the final resting place for pilgrims journeying to Bardsea Island in days gone by. Out of season Aberdaron had a rather somber feel to it. The few small gift shops and cafes were shut, although the terrace of the hotel overlooking the beach seemed to be doing brisk trade, and dogs were welcome. Once again, the dog enjoyed a run on the beach before we made our way back to Pistyll.

After a short rest we headed round the footpaths circling Moel Ty-Gwyn, a small but nicely shaped hill that rises up from the sea. As with yesterday's short walk, the views were great. The dog was unimpressed though, making it clear he much preferred playing with his ball on the beaches and nearby open fields.

Happily for the dog, we ended the afternoon on the fields around Gwylfa, returning to the sheep free enclosure for a game of fetch.

I suspect there won't be too many fireworks around here. If there are, I think the dog will be too tired to care!

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