Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Friday, November 04, 2011

A short walk from Pistyll on the Llyn Peninsula

I don't visit North Wales very much. I don't know why, as it's an easy trip from Preston and I love the ruggedness of the landscape. In my student days I spent many weekends camping at Capel Curig, walking in Snowdonia. I've never visited the Llyn Peninsula or much of the Welsh coastline, so today's short walk from Pistyll was a first.

We began near the small church, which was a real delight. Whilst the dog waited patiently outside the open door I took a few minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet, being careful not to disturb the straw that covers the stone floor.

We then headed across the field adjacent to the church and down the path to the beach. It was near to high tide when we visited, with no sand exposed. Walking on the large pebbles proved difficult so after half an hour or so we retraced our steps up towards the church.

The National Trust land around Gwylfa looked stunning in the afternoon sun so we wandered through sheep filled fields and flowering gorse bushes towards the headland and old quarry workings.

The views back towards Pistyll and Nefyn were great, and we spent a while just watching the world go by before retracing our steps.

Happily, the field by the church was sheep free so the afternoon was rounded off with a game of fetch.

I can see this won't be our last trip to the Llyn!

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