Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

River Yarrow Country Park, Chorley (Balshaw Lane Car Park)

The Balshaw Lane entrance to the River Yarrow Country Park car park is clearly signposted off Balshaw Lane. Don't expect the signs at this end of the park to give you an easy time though, if you have no sense of direction, this is not a place for you!

From the car park, we followed the lane past the cricket club and through a kissing gate leading to a muddy farm track through fields. Within a few yards, we had our first decision, to follow a path left, or head straight on. The signs helpfully marked "Footpath" weren't much help so we carried straight on down the main track, and over a stile (the dog could just squeeze underneath) to an open field. Not really sure where we were heading, we crossed the field towards another stile which led, as it turned out, to a path leading beside woodland, above the waste treatment works and down to Common Bank Lane.

Once again, we took a guess at our route and followed a very muddy footpath to the river. The dog took the opportunity for a paddle and dig around on a rather muddy path of sand before we headed off, still not knowing where we were going, up what turned out to be German Lane.

Reassured that we were at least on a road, and seeing the railway tracks that we knew must lead us back up towards Euxton, we headed up the hill, put the dog on the lead and continued until we reached what we knew to be the A49, Preston Road. Not to be dispirited, we practiced our heel work and followed the road back to Balshaw lane and the car.

All in all, not the best trip out, but certainly not the worst. Perhaps we'll return some time to take a guess at which path leads down the river to the south end of the park that we enjoyed last week.

Click here for the Chorley Borough Council website with information about the park
Doggy rating 5/10

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