Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brock Bottoms to Walmsley Bridge

It's a year to the day since we started our blog. Having a dog has given me an excuse to visit some lovely places that would otherwise have passed me by. As I've driven up and down the M6 near Garstang I've never realised that the nearby River Brock, between Brock Bottoms and Walmsley Bridge, would be one of the best walks we've found to date.

We parked at the almost full car park on Brock Mill lane and took a quick look at the information point outlining some of the waymarked routes in the area before heading downstream. With the autumn leaves falling from the trees, and the riverside path muddy from the heavy overnight rain, we were in doggy heaven. If there was a downside it was that the river was running quite high so swimming was out, and the narrow path's many twists and turns meant that I had to be fairly alert to make sure the dog didn't knock any poor defenceless children into the river!

We followed the path past the ruins of the old mill, then through wonderful, livestock free, open pastures to Walmsley Bridge.

We crossed the bridge and headed up the lane a short way before taking the footpath leading left through the farm. The path led us back up towards Bleasdale lane, which we followed a little further before the dog could once again run free on a muddy footpath leading left back down to the footbridge near the mill. There was just time for a quick paddle to wash off the worst of the mud before heading home, wet but happy.

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Doggy rating 7/10 (because of the short stretch of lane walking and potential for livestock in the fields, although they were empty today)


wolfpelt said...

Just found your blog. Brock bottom combined with Beacon fell is our fav. day out. We live in southport and use the beach during the week for our outings. 1 year old retriever called Angus soon to be joined by a new addition to the family an 8 week old retriever this week. Keep up the great work . i am working through your walks. A walk with water foir Angus to swim in is always a plus.

Dogs Dad said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Sounds like you'll have your hands full soon! I love the coast near Southport - now the summer's over we'll be back there no doubt. Nothing like a near deserted beach to blow the cobwebs away.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this walk and it's indeed one of the best ones around Preston, we stopped at the fields (before getting to Wamlsey bridge) and headed back as that made it about 45mn one way from the car park. The dogs can go for a paddle in the river which is always a bonus as a way of a quick wash before heading home.
Bea and the dogs, Trooper, Samson and Stella.

Dave said...

Glad you had fun. Not been there for ages. Must be a sign of how many great places there are to visit!

Sheila said...

Hi, I did this walk today with my dog and walked from wamsley bridge to brock valley picinic site. It was a great, dog friendly walk and we both loved it. Does anyone know of a route to combine it with a walk to Beacon Fell from the picnic site, without stiles . Thanks.

Highhopesherd said...

Its so great that you all enjoy this walk, it is indeed lovely. We farm the fields along this walk and we do sometimes graze with the dairy herd and maybe some dry cows or heifers. We would be very greatful if you could please please pick up your dogs muck, due to possible neospora contamination which can make our cows abort and become infertile. Please continue to enjoy the great walks and thank you so much for your understanding. The High hopes herd.

Dave said...

Thank you for allowing people to walk here. It really is beautiful. I went back earlier this year when the bluebells were flowering and it was stunning. I do hope that people respect your land and pick up after their dog, and then also take their bags with them. I am often dismayed at how many people bag poo then just hang it on a fence for others to remove. I will do a special post about the poo fairy at the weekend by way of thank you to you and all the landowners that allow access.

Dave said...

I should say, not just landowners but those who farm the land. Not necessarily the same of course!