Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

11 weeks after TTA surgery - The Big Bed

Tomorrow marks 11 weeks since the dog had his cruciate operation. Looking back on my posts it's amazing how much he has come on, particularly in the past 3 weeks or so. 

The weekend saw a few trips out, along the banks of the Ribble and Docks and also what was probably our longest walk to date, a couple of miles around Mere Sands Wood. 

Trips to our local park on the flexi-lead have been good. He has started to look more cheerful being back on his old patch without such tight control and we've had a few short periods of jogging. It does feel a bit like teaching him to run after all this time but I'm happy with a slow and relatively cautious approach. In a few weeks time he might be ready to be let off lead if there are no boisterous dogs around. 

This morning saw another milestone.  As he is getting better we have become a bit more relaxed about him roaming round the house. He hasnt had free access to stairs but this morning we forgot to shut the kitchen door whilst getting ready for work. When we went in to our bedroom guess what we found!

How he managed to jump on the bed I don't know but it appears no harm was done. 

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