Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

9 weeks after TTA surgery

What a difference a week makes! We had a few days away in North Yorkshire this week. Not too far from home so we decided the trip in the car would be fine for the dog and it would be good to get a bit of exercise. 

Each morning we did a mile or so through the woods and he was quite happy wandering around Whitby. Whilst we didn't do the Abbey Steps we did park up at the top to take a look. 

Most challenging was the walk down to Robin Hoods Bay and back. If you've not done it, it's a very very steep hill. We also wandered down to the beach at Staithes. Again, a bit of a hill but he managed both fine, we just took it slow and steady. 

Still no off lead outside the house/garden, but that will come. Next week I might introduce some gentle trotting. 

Whilst his walking is great he isn't that comfortable coming down stairs/steps. If they are steep we just avoid them. Whilst standing he bears weight on his bad leg, but still has a preference for the other. 

I'll do a post about our Yorkshire holiday in a few days. It's a very dog friendly place!

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