Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Friday, June 03, 2016

7 weeks after TTA surgery

Another happy uneventful week. Walks went up to 30 minutes three times a day today. Although we are walking on the flat at whatever pace he wants to take, he looks like he could walk for much longer with ease. Standing though he still doesn't generally put all his weight on his leg and it doesn't seem to have changed much in the last week or so. 

In the last few days he has had a little more freedom in the house. We have taken up some of the mats in his pen so he can enjoy some coolness from the floor tiles. When supervised he has had a pad around our kitchen/sitting area but certainly not a free reign, given he'd be jumping on the sofa in a flash. 

After his walk he can now have some supervised off lead time. We'll kick that off with the flexi-lead tomorrow!

So, after 7 weeks he now walks for an hour and a half each day. I'd say that's a good outcome given a 5 minute walk was a painful struggle a couple of months ago. I'm certainly not regretting our decision to opt for TTA surgery and I don't think the dog is either!  Let's just hope the other cruciate ligaments hold out! 

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