Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Saturday, May 07, 2016

23 days after TTA surgery - Wound not healing well

The dog is 10 years old today. To celebrate this momentous occasion he decided to bite and lick his leg, stripping off what remained of the scabs and finding some internal stitches which are being rejected to pick at. Fortunately my better half spotted it soon after waking so we were able to get an appointment at our local vets to get it cleaned up, the exposed stitch removed and the wound glued up. 

Not the best shot in the world but you can see how much his hair has grown now and a hit of the mess he'd made of the lower part of the wound. 

He is now on a further dose of antibiotics and the cone of shame is back on. I recall the vet saying a few weeks ago she wasn't particularly happy with the way the wound was healing, which she repeated when we went back earlier this week. She was right as usual!

Happy birthday 🐾🍰

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