Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Friday, May 13, 2016

4 weeks after TTA surgery and the next steps

We passed a major milestone this week. After last weekend's setback with the dog exposing an internal stitch it was a relatively quiet start to the week. The cone of shame was back on, the superglue did its job, as did another dose of antibiotics, so we headed back to Rutland House at St Helens on Thursday for his 4 week checkup. 

Having dropped him off about 8.30am I got the call early afternoon to say he was back from X-rays and all was looking good. I met with one of the surgeons about 5.30 who talked me through the x-Ray photographs. The metalwork is all where it should be and he showed me where the new bone growth was taking place. No apparent problems and the wound itself now looks much healthier. 

Moving forward we yet again have a very simple recovery plan. His walks can now increase by 5 minutes per walk each week. When we hit 30 minutes, in a months time, he can have some controlled off lead time at the end of the walk. 

He hasn't tackled any stairs in the past month but, under control, he can now tackle them. We've not yet done that as we have a good downstairs routine and set-up, but will try a few steps this weekend. 

Lots of posts I've read have talked about swimming as therapy. Whilst I didn't get a 'no' to the suggestion the surgeon's view was that it can cause tendon problems, so given its not something we've done previously I won't be trying it. I am perfectly happy to build his strength through gentle walks. At the end of the day he's 10 now and I'm not looking to get him out doing agility or fly ball! 

The extra 5 minutes already makes a world of difference and means we can go a nice little circular walk from home and can probably get round Longton Brickcroft. If we don't get there tomorrow or Sunday we will certainly make it next weekend. 

The pen and non slip mats stay for a few weeks yet, but that's fine. 

It certainly feels like we are well on the way to recovery now. Whilst it has been a tough month it feels worth it. We can already walk further than we did pre-op and the dog looks so much better. Hope it continues! 

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