Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

6 weeks after TTA surgery

A good week. Walking is good. Other than the telltale short hair on his leg you wouldn't know he'd had cruciate surgery if you saw us in the street. We can walk quite quickly, but have kept it calm so I have no idea yet what a trot or run would look like. 

Standing, he still has a preference for his good leg but he can put weight on the operated leg if he chooses, normally when he is distracted through eating!

The wound, which had some problems along the way, is still a little scabby in parts but they are starting to fall away leaving clean looking healed skin underneath. 

The main event this week was stairs. We have avoided them completely until now, which has been a bit of a nightmare given he has always slept upstairs. Sleep deprivation has affected all of us!  This week I bought a couple of portable barriers from Mothercare meaning we can block him from going back down the stairs and also from the bedroom so he can sleep on the landing with no risk of him jumping on the bed. I helped him get up the stairs with a sling, although he looks as if he would cope without. Coming down was a case of carrying him as he wasn't up for trying a descent. Whether that was because it looked hard or whether he just didn't want to go downstairs I have no idea! 

From tomorrow we are up to 25 minute walks 3 times a day. Maybe in the next week we will give him a bit more of a 'supervised' free reign in the house. 

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