Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 weeks after TTA surgery

A largely uneventful week. To be able to do 15 minute walks has been brilliant. Tomorrow we go up to 20 minutes so plan a few trips out to Longton Brickcroft where we should just make it round the lake. It will be wonderful to go somewhere different!

His walking has noticeably improved this week. He walks more quickly now and if you didn't know he'd had a recent operation you'd not realise how fragile he still is. Fortunately most of our local dog walkers know, and we won't go anywhere where dogs are likely to be off the lead, so other than one boisterous puppy we've not had any dogs trying to leap in him!

When standing you can still often tell that he has a preference for his 'good' leg, but he can put a lot of weight on the other, most noticeably when he cocks his leg. 

Our indoor setup remains the same. He has a matted pen downstairs to avoid the floor tiles. We need to find some steps this weekend and start to build some strength before tackling stairs. 

All in all a good week other than rather unpredictable bowel movements, but I put that down to getting some more exercise and coming off all of his medication. 

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