Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

16 days after TTA surgery

16 days on. Still appears to be going well. Leg is bearing weight when walking and continues to look better when standing. 

Today was the first close encounter with one of his four legged friends on our estate. He was desperate to play and I had to hold his collar tightly to stop him springing around. Guess he has hit the point now when he feels much better. From what I read we have in some ways hit the time of highest risk, when dogs feel better and owners relax. 

We left the dog without cone on Friday whilst we were out. The 'dog cam' revealed he spent several hours preening himself, including a good lick of his knee. I suspect all that licking made him queesy as his dinner came back up almost immediately last night - something that has never happened in his 10 year life before. Although the stiches had been out since Monday I decided to put the cone back on last night. Tonight is his first coneless night so we'll see how he gets on. 

Still in his pen most of the time but we've sat in the lounge, which is carpeted rather than tiled, for much of the day. The kitchen floor is tiled and very slippery for him so the foam mats we got to make his pen are a 'must'. Having said that, with his nighttime setup (see photo) he has a choice of beds which look good enough for a human to sleep on!

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