Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

9 days after TTA Surgery:

It's a week and a half since the dog had TTA surgery for a partially ruptured cruciate ligament. 

Progress still seems good. Outwardly, the hair on his shaved leg has started to grow back so it's less obvious he has had recent surgery. His knee looks fine. No redness or swelling and stitches still fine. Hopefully they will be out the day after tomorrow. He seems happy, other than the confinement to his pen. His pen has though been one of the most important features of the last week or so. He has always had the run of the house, and slept upstairs. Stairs are a complete no no and our kitchen come living area has tiles which can be slippery. The foam mats and pet pen from Amazon and eBay have been a godsend. Without them we would not have coped with people coming to the door without serious risk of him injuring himself. 

He now sleeps well. The comfy cone is on whenever we are not watching him. The hard plastic cone is redundant but still there should he take a persistent liking to fussing his stitches. 

We have stuck well to three 10 minute walks a day. It is enough, and at times I continue to worry whether his is straining other legs. Walks feel relatively low risk though. It's when he gets in a boisterous mood in the house that he bounces around the most. As I've said, he is in a pen so we have done what we can to limit the risk, but it still makes for a tense moment when he senses food is about to be served. 

Whilst walking he bears weight on his leg but still tiptoes a lot when standing. It does look better than it did, but I will be glad to see him put his foot fully flat and put weight on it over the next few weeks. 

My better half has three more days off, after which we'll both be back at work. Happily we have our friends at Home Comfort Pets who will look in on him a couple of times and take him for a lunchtime walk later next week.

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