Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

3 days after TTA surgery

Today (can I say that at 4am?) was the dog's second day home, the third since his cruciate operation. I'm getting used to this view!

Our three very short walks went amazingly well, having left the confines of the garden each time and venturing a short way down the road. We haven't actually crossed a road though, so all entirely on the flat. His gait is good and if it were not for his shaved leg others would have not noticed anything wrong with him. 

The biggest issue so far is that he hasn't slept much with his cone on. He cries and ends up pretty distressed after a while. The upshot of that is that most of the time either me or my better half have sat with him, only using the cone when we are distracted, or when I've been asleep. 

Thursday night was the worst, with about 45 minutes sleep. Friday was 2.5 hours or so and having gone to sleep at midnight I was woken by loud wimpering at 3am. After an hour or so of cuddles and licks he has now just fallen asleep, minus cone, so I'll be sat here for an hour or two before I might stick it back on an try to get some sleep myself. Happily, no work for a few days so I can catch 40 winks "whenever".

A "comfy cone" is being delivered today so maybe tomorrow nights sleep will be better. It really is important though that he can't get to those stitches until they come out!

His knee still looks good. No major swelling or redness. No discharge. Couldn't imagine it could be any better. 

The 'pen' we made is serving it's purpose well. He is confined to a small area even when we are in, so no problem with him leaping up if someone's at the door, trying to get on furniture or racing across our tiled kitchen floor. At night I've moved a bed from his crate so he doesn't bang around in it with his cone. He is such a soft dog though that he still taps the bars from time to time to tell us he is fed up in it and wants human contact. We are such soft owners that we hop over the low fence for a cuddle in his pen!  Character wise he is back to normal though, very affectionate and "needy". 

Oh, I nearly forgot, you may have read that your dog might not have a bowel movement for some time after surgery. His first was this afternoon. Lots of it but reasonably firm. Dog owners will understand the significance of this momentous occasion 😊.

Let's hope this good progress continues!

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