Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1 week after TTA surgery

It's now a week since the dog's TTA surgery for a partially ruptured cruciate ligament. 

We are still on 10 minute slow walks three times a day. He is coping well with them, with hardly any limp. When standing he is putting a very little more weight on his hind leg but he is already much more steady in his pen or turning on his bed to make himself comfortable. 

The stitches still look good. There has never been any discharge from them or excessive redness or swelling around his knee. They don't seem to bother him much but he will try to lick them occasionally if his cone isn't on, so he wears it whenever he is unsupervised and at night. 

We are booked in at our local vets to have the stitches taken out on Monday, and also booked in at the Referral Centre to have follow up X-Rays in 3 weeks time. 

The dog doesn't like the confinement of his pen much, even though it keeps him to the area where his bed has always been positioned during the day. Of course that's probably because he used to spend all day on the sofa, ignoring his bed!

Happily, some time off work has meant we can now spend a while sat in the garden, with him tied to a short lead on my leg. It's nice (for us both) to be outside though having been stuck inside for so long. 

Nighttime is now fine. He has slept all through the last two nights thankfully!

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