Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

TTA Surgery - Discharge day

So, the TTA operation took place for his cruciate yesterday. The surgery said they would update between 5 and 7pm. Happily, at 5.02pm they called to say he was in recovery and would soon be back on the ward, so last night was a good night. 

Today they said they'd call soon after 10am for an update and to confirm discharge arrangements. At about 10.15am I was given the OK to pick him up tonight. 

After some helpful words from the surgeon and a look at the impressive metalwork on X-Ray the nurse brought him in. Poor dog was shaking and looked most unhappy. He was walking though, without any support, and already putting more weight on his leg than he has for which was great to see. No sign of a wag though, and I'm not convinced he's looked me in the eye yet!

Having cried in the car all the way home he seemed pleased to be back and after a big drink has been flat out on his bed for the past hour, with just the occasional whine. 

In terms of post operative advice it was simple can clear.
- use common sense
- confine to a small area or crate overnight or when unsupervised 
- follow advice on pain killers and antibiotics 
- use the cone of shame when unsupervised or first sign he's interested in stiches
- he has a light dressing which comes off tomorrow 
- 10 minute lead walks 3 times a day (which can start tomorrow - I was happily surprised!)
- no stairs for a month
- stiches out by our own vet in 10 to 14 days
- back to the surgeon for a review in 4 weeks
- call if there are any problems (we have the surgeon's mobile number - not just the surgery
- I don't need (or advised to use) the support harness I bought from eBay - might come in useful one day I suppose

So, at this point all seems as good as it could be. As I write he's had a little bit of food, which is reassuring. Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep (for me) on the sofa!

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