Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Monday, April 18, 2016

4 days after TTA surgery

There's a trend developing if you hadn't noticed - nighttime blogging!  

Another good day of post TTA operation recovery. All three walks were excellent. The hardest thing now is that he is becoming a bit more confident and wants to go further than allowed in the time we have. My aim is to get to 'the' big tuft of grass where our local cycle track meets the road, a favourite spot for the dog unsurprisingly.  His aim is now to get to the concrete settings of the crash barrier a little further down the road, also a favourite dog spot!  Needless to say, I win, but only after gentle but firm persuasion to turn him round and head back. 

He looks more steady in his pen now. He often doesn't put much weight on his leg when making himself comfortable turn on his bed, but, when his cone is off, has used it to gently scratch his neck. I take this as a good sign that movement is getting easier and not painful. I thinks it's incredible given the inside of his leg looks something like this (not his X-ray)

No poo today, but I'm sure that will happen again. 

The comfy cone was delivered, and looks the part. It seems to be sturdy enough for him not to be able to get to his stitches (he isn't really bothered in them anyway) and must be so much more comfortable than the plastic cone. Sadly though he still cries after an hour or two with it on, so after an early night he woke me up at 12.00 where I spent 20 minutes or so calming him, then briefly at 2.00am and 4am. By 4am I figured I've had a good 4 hours sleep so (relatively) not bad. Sure I'll get another few hours in later!

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