Keep safe!

Keep safe!
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

2 days after TTA surgery

The first night was harder than expected. I slept for 45 minutes or so. Every time I tried to sleep the poor dog cried so I sat and watched whilst he eventually settled. 

Although booked off work I had wondered whether I'd get some things done at home. It wasn't to be given my zombie-like state for most of the day. 

But enough of me. The dog is doing ok. He happily ate breakfast this morning and has been drinking as normal. We had a walk around the garden for 5 to 10 minutes this morning and again this afternoon. This evening we ventured a few minutes down the road. From previous posts you'll have seen that our surgeons advice is 10 minutes walk three times a day, for the first four weeks. He is putting some weight on his leg and already limps less than he did pre op. 

This afternoon he allowed me to sleep for nearly two and a half hours without crying. Very welcome! Sadly tonight he has had me awake after just an hour or so of sleep, so it's now 1.15am and I am very tired. Now I'm awake the dog is sleeping like a baby!

I think the cause of today's crying isn't the pain in his leg, it's the cone of shame. He tollerates it well when it first goes on but after an hour he clearly finds it uncomfortable, hence the crying which ends the second it's off. When he woke me tonight he was clearly distressed, panting heavily and needing affection. I wish I had bought a comfy-cone, although I have heard that not all dogs take to them either and they are not always as effective as the plastic e-collar. I would like to try though as sleep is becoming a priority and I dare not risk shutting my eyes to sleep when he has no collar on. 

The knee itself looks pretty good at the moment. The light dressing came off today, so I can now see the stitches. Of course it looks very sore but not nearly as bad as I had feared, having seen Google photos of dogs with bright red extensive bruising and swelling. His looks pretty neat and tidy. 

The yellow is iodine of course, not bruising. 

So, all in all, a good day apart from sleep deprivation!

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